Work Experience 

Photo content producing. Layout and print design. 

As a professional photographer with a BA in Fine Arts and seven years of professional experience in art, photo, video, production, and management. I have a deep passion for the creative process with a focus on both the big picture and detail. Proficient in Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft, Excel, and PowerPoint. Capable of being both professional and creative, while maintaining multitasking and organization skills. Professional experience with producing, project management, and strong relationship building.

Marketing and Branding

As a employee of Blink Inc, I assist in building out the brand. With marketing and event concepts, window displays, promotional content, social media contribution, and brand partnerships. 


Published and designed Wet Art book. Also, contributed photo content. This is an example of how I can work with print and layout design for books, cards, posters, editorial, and digital layout. 

Social Content Producer

Provide photography and video for multiple social platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, and Blogs. Can shoot and edit live for social, understanding branding and esthetic.